Sharon Glass was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a completely self-taught cook who was greatly influenced by her mother as a young child, and grew up in the kitchen cooking and creating recipes. She actively absorbed anything and everything related to food and translated this into simple but stunning taste sensations.

In 1977, her family immigrated to California, where she attended UCLA and studied French. During this time she began working for Danny Kaye, the actor, who was not only an avid cook, but also a renowned chef. In her spare time, she also ran a highly successful catering business with her mother.

She met her South African husband, Anthony, in Los Angeles in 1983.They returned to South Africa in 1984, where she began a small catering business and a cookery school. People were always commenting on how wonderful the food was and she would tell them how easy it was to prepare. As word spread that her recipes were simple and delicious, her cooking classes increased in popularity and she was inundated with new students. By this stage, Sharon had 3 children and was simultaneously a caterer, teacher and mother, while at the same time putting together ideas for a recipe book.

When cooking, Sharon tries to use only the freshest ingredients available while combining many different cultures and cuisines. Having lived in Los Angeles and having travelled extensively throughout the States, Europe, Asia and Australia, she has been able to infuse her recipes with both Mediterranean and Asian influences.

Her food has universal appeal because the ingredients are so easily obtainable in most local supermarkets worldwide Sharon also believes that because she had no formal training, her style of cooking suits everyday lives because her recipes are designed to use modern appliances and gadgets. Sharon's motto is "fresh, fresh, fresh". Her food focuses on today and tomorrow's eating habits and translates into the home where everyday cooks can be inspired.

Sharon likes to keep abreast of modern trends in her cooking and allows for the use of minimal oils and fats for the weight conscious, fresh vegetables and pastas for the health conscious, and of course the wicked delight enjoyed in savouring a rich and creamy dessert. Sharon Glass wrote and published her first cookbook "Simply Delicious" in 2000. Having taught for so long, armed with feedback from her students, and with an increasing demand for cooking lessons, she felt the need to share these wonderful recipes with people who did not have access to the cookery school.

The first print run sold out within six months and over 20 000 copies have been sold to date. It was also published in the USA under the name of "Simply Delectable" in 2002 Sharon's second and equally fantastic book "Simply Too Delicious", has been available since August 2002 and to date has sold over 17 500 copies. With breathtaking photography, this book complemented the first to make the Sharon Glass cookbook collection one not to be missed.

"Absolutely Delicious", the third and final book in the 'Delicious Series' released in 2005 has three additional and exciting sections - Occasions, Lean & Lite and Fast Meals. These add a new dimension to the book as they offer detailed menu plans and inspiration for specific occasions. There are also some modernized traditional South African recipes. The photography throughout the book is awesome and tempts the reader to reach out, touch and taste. To email the author, please send it to



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