Do you return home from work and loathe the thought of what to make for dinner? Do you drag yourself to the kitchen to throw a lunchbox together? Domestic drudgery is now a thing of the past! South African household name and TV personality, Sharon Glass, returns with another to-die-for cookbook – Food in a Flash.

In Food in a Flash, Sharon brings to the table quick, health-conscious recipes for those who lead a time-strapped, hectic lifestyle. From “Stuffed shell pasta with Tomato sauce” to “Passion pina coladas” each recipe offers a tantalising tingle for your tongue. Food in a Flash answers everyday cooking quandries – from what to make for dinner to what to do with that leftover chicken. With “Wholewheat chicken wraps with salsa verde”, Sharon shows that leftovers needn’t go to waste!

Sharon emphasises that cooking is not just about buying ingredients, turning on the stove and following the method, but about how to transform ingredients into magnificent meals. “I hope as you become more confident with cooking, you remodel my recipes as your own and let your own character shine through in your dishes,” adds Sharon.

In a society where food is such an important part of our culture, it’s equally important that we eat well – not just tasty food, but nutritious food too. And since every minute counts, you needn’t fret – the preparation time and cooking time for each recipe makes forward planning easy. Each recipe contains information and advice for the health conscious. The personal anecdotes make her book both informative and engaging.

The inclusion of a Kids’ food section addresses the often neglected area of cooking for kids. No more peanut-butter-and-jam sandwiches – Sharon gives innovative ideas for kid’s meals such as “Funky burgers” and “Pizza spirals” and even “Banana coconut cakes”. She shows that it is actually possible to enjoy preparing your children’s meals and watching their joy when they taste your scrumptious creations.

As well as fabulous recipes, Sharon gives must-have tips on how to cook perfect fish, how not to dry out chicken, and what’s best to use when it comes to sauces, stocks, oils and seasoning.

The recipes, accompanied by magnificent photographs, ensure that Food in a Flash will both delight and inspire you. Sections in the book include: soups, salads, fish, chicken, meat, pasta and starches, vegetables, desserts and kids’ food. It’s a sensory adventure - satisfaction guaranteed!

- Available from leading bookstores September 2011 -


Do you feel pressured by the prospect of entertaining guests? Does being a host make an occasion feel less like a sparkly celebration and more like a laborious job? Then Effortless Entertaining, the newest publication by accomplished chef and author Sharon Glass is the cookbook for you!

Whether it’s an all-important business meeting or lunch with your in-laws, or even a religious holiday, Sharon inspires you with many food combinations, be it for an intimate dinner or a big celebration. Effortless Entertaining is about using food to celebrate life and most importantly, family. Sharon believes food is a vital part of our culture and the importance of an occasion is expressed in the food we eat.

With her inimitable flair, Sharon shows you that entertaining need not be intimidating. By following the simple principles and easy-to-understand recipes in Effortless Entertaining, you will experience the pleasure of making good food with very little fuss. “I want your kitchen to be the place you escape to, rather than the place you want to escape from,” says Sharon. And this book will make you want to do just that: get into the kitchen and start creating delicious dishes. Feel-good food from the heart of the home! The “Menu suggestions” section contains something for every occasion and makes entertaining even easier.

With recipes ranging from “Mushroom, mascarpone and basil tart” to “Roast balsamic-marinated sirloin” and “Grilled vegetable kebabs with tzatziki”, there’s something to please every palate. Sharon puts a modern twist on traditional favourites with desserts like “Crispy date and nut tarlets with mascarpone and berries”, “Lemon meringue cheesecake” and even “Sticky toffee pudding”.

Effortless Entertaining is an all-inclusive guide with sections that include: starters, soups, salads, fish, chicken, meat, pasta and starches, vegetables, desserts, menu suggestions and a general cooking guide. 

Sharon’s wish is for you to enjoy the cooking process and the appreciation your guests confer as they enjoy your dishes. Effortless Entertaining will transform cooking into a journey of exploration for the eyes and food for the soul and will certainly become a must-have in every kitchen.

- Available from leading bookstores September 2011 -


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